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Burger King Or McDonalds?


What Is The Difference? Fast Food Restaurant Comparison

In today’s world dominated by a rising trend in the consumption of fast food, various health hazards have become the order of the day. Given the changing priorities of the modern world, it is becoming increasingly difficult to allocate precious time and energy in the making of homemade foods. That leaves the confused consumer with no choice but to be in the midst of a plethora of high caloric fast foods. A clear perspective into the caloric composition of each kind of fast food is vital for your good health.
HBO NOW: Stream original series, hit movies & more


Stream original series, hit movies and more by HBO
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Live Backgrounds (Ultra HD Video Live Wallpapers)

Live Backgrounds (Ultra HD Video Live Wallpapers)

Live wallpapers are animated and typically interactive backgrounds that provide ever-changing screens to keep your phone dynamic. The best collection of live HD wallpapers to make your homescreens alive and interesting on your iOS, Windows & Android device.

This is your chance to win the iPhone X!

iPhone X features a new all-screen design.Apple’s new facial recognition technology, Face ID, makes its debut on the iPhone X. It works using the TrueDepth camera system hidden in the notch at the top of the display. Glance at the iPhone X and it illuminates your face with an infrared dot array, allowing the infrared camera to identify it. It even works in the dark. Using the iPhone X’s six-core A11 Bionic processor paired with 3GB of RAM, a neural engine processes the image in real time, mapping the contours and shape of your face mathematically.

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